Why Choose WSA Optimization?

For over 20 years we have been successful in helping consumers improve their life and accomplish their credit and financial goals. Having “Rolls Royce” credit isn’t just an experience; it is a lifestyle. Our VIP Support Team are comprised of individuals who offer a high-end concierge style level of customer service and are always eager to assist you. Not only do we help you obtain a VIP credit rating, we also will equip you with the essential tools and resources needed to maintain it.

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Every client, to us – is a VIP. We understand that no one’s credit situations or credit goals are the same and therefore the programs we offer are specifically customized to suit your credit and financial needs.

What Makes WSA Optimization Different?

We’ve created an impeccable system of efficiency and brisk – thus creating a formula that shortens the result from the credit challenge. Our Optimization Program is a highly successful solution that positively addresses poor credit scores after a collection, delinquency, bankruptcy, divorce, identity theft, repossession, student loan, judgment, late payment, or foreclosure.

What usually takes other companies several months to achieve positive results – we achieve in 90 days – GUARANTEED.

Our credit optimization program is not a system that your basic credit repair company uses. Our legal team uses the most advanced technology and litigation techniques to circumvent the credit bureaus latest stall tactics.

Our firm can remove: Bankruptcies, Evictions, Foreclosures, Repossessions, Student Loans, Inquiries and more!

Our Credit Optimization process is revolutionary in that it can remove virtually 100% of your negative items in a 90 Day timespan.

WSA Optimization wants all of our clients to have access to limitless opportunities, stability, be able to have the confidence in their credit that they aspire for.

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