And 9 times out of 10 – it starts with CREDIT. CREDIT is freedom. If you’re like many individuals, you don’t fully appreciate how essential good credit and money management are until you need them. Perhaps you’ve been renting an apartment for several years, but now you’d like to buy a house. Maybe it’s just not worth fixing your 10year-old car, but you need a way to get to work so you need a car loan—fast! Or suppose your house has a damaged roof and the cost of repairs exceeds your savings. To resolve emergency situations like these while continuing to manage your existing financial obligations, you’ll need good credit and good money management skills. Good credit is the result of careful planning of your finances. Your credit record affects everything from renting an apartment to buying a home. Without good credit, it’s difficult to save money, become a homeowner, and build financial security.

That’s why this book is essential. It helps you learn to LIVE financial FREE.


This book is a compilation of some of the most important things you must know regarding home ownership and becoming financially free. You can google Top 10 mortgage questions and get 27,800,000 results– most of which are outdated, not applicable in your state, or don’t apply to your situation. Who has time for that! Instead, join me on a comprehensive look at your most common questions, real life examples, common mistakes, and the info you need to avoid them; and set yourself on the road to financial freedom! This book will break down: – Pros and Cons of different mortgage programs -What your lender may not know (or care to share with you) -Challenges of real life clients, and how to avoid and overcome them -Options for down payment, terms, fees and lots of other decisions that your loan officer should not make for you -How to become financially free quicker Learn how to leave your closing with the keys to your home… And, a lot more money to spare! A great gift for: any young adult who is just starting out on this journey called life; a seasoned home owner, who has bought several homes in his/her life; and someone who is in the last home they will ever live in. There is literally something for everyone in these pages.



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